Premise Alert Program

On August 28, 2009 the Illinois Premise Alert Program (PAP) Act became effective in Illinois. The PAP is a safety program that supports individuals living with disabilities as well as Police Officers responding to calls at a specific address. PAP is a database of individuals with special needs that is kept in a computer aided dispatch (CAD) database and is to be maintained by public safety agencies at the request of families, caregivers, or individuals with disabilities or special needs. The PAP allows families to voluntarily notify the police and first responders about their special circumstances free of any charge. The PAP will assist police departments to identify individuals who have specials needs, which will enable the responding officer to have additional information at his/her disposal. If you are a Jackson County resident that resides in any Jackson County community other than Murphysboro, please contact the Jackson County 9-1-1 Office at 618-457-5911.

Click here to download the Premise Alert Program (PAP) Form

For Murphysboro residents, contact the Murphysboro Police Department at 618-684-2121.